Imagine the following story:

“In recent events, a ferocious fox savagely attacked a Turkey, who fortunately was able to escape to safety by pecking out the fox’s eyes.”

Simple story. A bit gruesome. But, what in today’s world isn’t going that way. Foxes and turkeys are highlighted in the news…

What I learned from this:

  • Assumptions are the same (LINE: Linear relationship, independent predictors, normally distributed errors and equal variance of errors)
  • Additionally, the prior assumptions need to be met. And the parameter estimates have to converge.

Relationship Between Correlation and Simple Linear Regression

The standardised regression coefficient is the same as Pearson’s correlation coefficient

The square…

Seeking to absorb the good from others doesn’t make our contribution any less. It just makes it all work better together.

Someone taught me about the relationship between the Tonalism art movement and the topic of unity this past Sunday. Tonalism was an attempt of “painting musical compositions”, making soft…

Jim Loehr works with gold medalists. He’s a legend. He’s worked with 17 Olympic medalists and hundreds more.

When people reach the top, they usually don’t celebrate. They just feel…guilty. Undeserving. Less than.

Best case scenario you make it to the top and you realize that it’s not what you…

Not that anybody reads these posts anyway (not sure how to drive organic readership on Medium), but I’m not doing this for the views.

Interestingly, once humans engage with a product, we start putting effort into it. If there is a system to optimize, we naturally want to be good…

Reading a chart is reading data. We’re subjected to the angle of vision of the chart’s author. What data is included? What’s excluded? Reading a chart is just like reading a paragraph. A good chart is simple. But sometimes it’s beneficial to tell a robust story in the chart that…

You won’t know until months later what you wish you had logged.

There’s a trade off. The more you log, the slower you system is and potentially the more bugs you can introduce. The less you log the less likely you are to catch bugs.

Here’s a rule of thumb…

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